The aim of the Project

The general aim of the Project is to identify, to study, to describe, to preserve and to promote sites of special interest related to the water assets of the cross-border area, for touristic reasons.

In other words, the main aim of the Project, is to promote, to enhance and to preserve the natural and geographical features of the area in strong connection with the cultural heritage and the touristic development. 

Expected Results

The results of the Project are the following:

  • The creation of a cross-border Water Geopark and the definition, the description of at least 4 natural water areas, the Geotopes.
  • The complete documentation on the natural water resources of the intervention area.
  • The restoration of the Geotopes and the promotion to the local community and touristic market.
  • Enhancing the sustainable development in the region by promoting an alternative form of tourism, the Geotourism.
  • Connection of the natural water resources with environmental education and preserving the natural heritage.
  • Improving the accessibility and the touristic potential of Geotopes by improving existing trails and routes and by marking, will help the restoration of these natural asset areas.
  • Conduction of environmental education and outdoor activities in the Geotopes, in order to promote the value preserving and developing natural resources in the project’s area.
  • In addition, the projection of Geotopes through promotion and dissemination of actions will increase the expected number of visitors, not only to the Geotopes, but also to other areas of natural and cultural property in the co-operation area.